In the Florida Gator

UF writers find publishers, success outside their degrees: “One such author recently published his first novel. Marc Weingarten graduated from UF in 1973 with a bachelor’s in political science.

“I really put that to good use,” the 62-year-old comedian and author said.

He had originally set out to be a lawyer, but after attending a semester of law school, he found that he did not enjoy it.

“I didn’t want to make money off of other people’s problems,” he said. “I wanted to make money off of my own creativity.”

Weingarten’s first novel, “Cape Comedy,” was published April 16 after 18 years of writing.

Even though Weingarten did not enter a field using his degree from UF, he said there is no such thing as a waste of experience, which he said laid the groundwork for his book.”