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About Cape Comedy

Ricky Boy is America’s most famous comedy club mogul. As the man who anoints America’s comedy stars, he is the one that is glorified by TV and movie execs clamoring to discover the next Seinfeld. The founder of Cape Comedy, he is estimated to be worth a startling $275 million. And then, at the height of his glory, he is told he has six weeks to live.

Confused and depressed, Ricky has time to shape his will to simplify the doubts he has about his life and the people in it. All is well enough, considering the circumstances. But when a glaring error begets an opportunity to create life missions for his son, ex-wife and best friend, all hell breaks loose.

Ricky Boy’s death jump-starts an incomprehensible journey that takes the reader deep inside America’s comedy culture. No, Cape Comedy is not just a cover charge and two-drink minimum in exchange for an evening of laughter. Not when the doings surrounding the Cape unleashes a ravenous serial killer, and introduces legendary homicide detective Killian Almanac to the tragically funny world of stand-up comedy.