Cape Comedy: Triple Action News

“Manic comedic enthusiasm” meets “murder-mystery mayhem” in this quirky, pop culture thriller set in the gut-busting, side-splitting world of professional stand-up comedy.

A comedy veteran with an impressive resume too voluminous to adequately name-drop here (Robin Williams!), Marc Weingarten kills in “Cape Comedy.” I mean he literally kills at Ricky Boy – America’s most famous millionaire comedy club mogul and anointer of comedy stars.

“Weingarten weaves a winding path to a killer’s door by following unexpected trails through the absurdities of life with a manic energy suggestive of Robin Williams or Jim Carrey.” – Forward Reviews

“I laughed until I spit up small chunks of my pancreas.” – Arturo DiMaunchie, the noted comedy critic and bon vivant.

Find “Cape Comedy” at Amazon and Goodreads, and at the author’s home page.

From John